Hastily written blog post No.1

We are all working incredibly hard but we thought we would write a wee blog post to keep you updated! This is just a taste of what we hope to develop this blog into over the coming days, weeks, and months… Be prepared for some laughs and a lot more incredible events!

What a week we have had here at the Southside Fringe Festival! We have all had a lot of fun going to awesome events and there are still many more great things to come!

We have a lot of different and exciting events happening this weekend that we are all looking forward to here at Fringe HQ! With a wee bit of a sore head and the weekend fast approaching we thought we would take a look at some of the great events happening soon…

Some of the events we are really excited for are, the return of the Southside Fringe Ceilidh, with the incredible Papa Shandy & the Drams, happening at Queens Park Bowling club on Friday night. We also have ‘Under the Skin’, in collaboration with Scottish Ballet, taking place at The Bungo on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon!

Pastaval returns again this year, with a sold out event happening on Saturday and we are all eagerly awaiting to see who gets crowned ‘mac & cheese champion’ for 2017!

And it doesn’t stop there, Unpathed Waters, Undreamed Shores is an eclectic multimedia performance in collaboration with Baldy Bane Theatre Company. This is sure to be an entertaining yet poignant evening that will challenge our very notions of identity and what it means to call a place home! You can check it out at The Tramway this Tuesday at 7pm.

Events at No. 6 return this year as well with TV Smith playing an intimate living room gig on Thursday evening. Tickets are limited and it is set to be an incredible night! The Acoustic Circuit is also taking place all over the Southside. Catch some awesome musicians performing on the streets of the Southside from 12pm – 3pm this weekend!

This is but a taste of all the wild and whacky events that will be taking place up until the end of May. You can check out the full programme at www.southsidefringe.org.uk to find out what’s going on for the rest of the festival!



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